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The LambdaDriver family offers Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing and Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing systems capable of transporting up to 16 independent optical data streams at full duplex over a single fiber pair. Each data stream can handle data rates up to 2.5 Gbps, offering a maximum throughput of 40 Gbps.

The LambdaDriver is a compact system targeted for your central offices or multi-tenant office buildings. The transparent channel modules support all data centric protocols, enabling you to mix different protocols to meet your customers needs.

There are several different modules and chassis available to meet your particular needs, plus Optical Access currently has several additional chassis in development.

The LambdaDriverTM products deliver up to 16 channel DWDM connectivity with (1+1) redundancy over distances of more than 60 miles for optimal utilization of backbone fiber rings.

  • Technology of today and the future: WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing)
  • 2.5GB on each wavelength, 40Gb on one single mode fiber
  • Modular structure: a series of customized modules and cabinets available.


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