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For centuries, man has dreamed of harnessing the power of the sun. Inexhaustible and infinitely renewable, the sun offers the world a sustainable and non-polluting source of energy. Free from embargo, solar power is available to all, wherever the sun shines!..

Power for professionals..

For more than 15 years, BP Solar's expertise has serviced the needs of professional power users worldwide.

Applications have included;

bp_selection.gif Telecommunications
bp_selection.gif Grid-connect
bp_selection.gif Rural Infrastructure
bp_selection.gif Specialist (cathodic protection, aircraft obstruction lights, fog warning systems etc.)

Photovoltaic - the power to communicate..

Increasingly, the world's major telecommunications companies are turning to solar (photovoltaic) electricity as the most practical and accepted technology for remote applications. Sunlight is used to provide a reliable source of power-silent, environmentally friendly and with minimal maintenance requirements. Solar systems for telecommunications typically power loads ranging from 1W single wireless terminals to 4KW backbone repeater stations. Today, major telecom network operators, carriers and turnkey equipment manufacturers routinely install photovoltaic powered communication systems -testimony to the reliability of the solar power. [BP SOLAR Web Site]


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