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By standardizing and automating the production of geographic data, ISTAR has succeeded in creating unique mapping solutions for a wide range of applications, in industries such as telecommunications, defense, oil exploration, local authorities and urban planning.

The keys to ISTAR's success:

  • Over ten years' experience in collecting and processing data from sources such as digitized maps, satellite images, and aerial photographs,
  • Dedication to research in remote sensing technologies.

Combined with other layers of data, ISTAR products supply a powerful core for many applications such as geo-marketing, intelligent transport, real estate, entertainment, emergency services monitoring, and environment modelling.

Unsurpassed range of high quality images

ISTAR has processed over 3000 satellite images, covering approximately 15,000,000 sq. km of the earth's surface, in over 100 countries. Within its HotSpots™ program, ISTAR keeps adding new products to its database of off-the-shelf geographic products, already the largest of its kind on the Internet.
Having recently pioneered a technology to capture aerial images using a revolutionary digital airborne sensor, ISTAR is now acquiring high resolution images of major European and US cities and processing this data to produce top quality 3D models and highly accurate orthoimages

A Talented Set of People

These achievements have been made possible by a skilled and dedicated staff consisting mostly of experts in geography, cartography, photogrammetry, telecoms, GIS and IT, and now numbering over 100. Thanks to them, ISTAR has expanded from its head office in Sophia Antipolis, France, with the support of its production plant in Toulouse, France, to become one of the world's largest and most successful private companies in the area of digital geographic datasets. ISTAR's international expansion has prompted the opening of a US subsidiary in 1999, followed by a Singapore-based operation in 2000.



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