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Telekom Engineering wholesales all types of indoor and outdoor "underground or overhead" energy cables, alarm cables, AC and DC distribution boxes and other accessories. These materials include but are not limited to:
  • Single and multi-core flexible cables from 1.5mm² to 70mm²
  • Fire resistant and flame retardant cables
  • Steel armoured underground (VINAL) and bundle assembled overhead (ALPEK) cables
  • Standard and customized AC and DC distribution boxes
  • Ø3mm...Ø12mm insulated cable lugs for 1.5mm²...6mm² cables
  • Non-insulated cable lugs for 2.5mm²...95mm² cables
  • Cable tie-wraps
  • Cable wall-tru assemblies
  • ½”...1”5/8 RF feeder cables
  • Cable clamps and grounding kits for ½”...1”5/8 RF feeder cables
  • Standart or customized tin plated copper grounding bars
  • Illumination armatures, power switches, circuit breakers and other accessories.

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