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DC Power Supplies for Telecomms

Efficient and reliable 24V, 48V, 60V,120VDC Power Supplies

The telecom world requires reliable, high quality, uninterrupted DC power. Telekom Engineering delivers products that are leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of power plant and systems for all telecoms applications from main switching centers to PABX, cellular networks to cable television, microwave links, fiber optic systems and satellite base stations. In over 100 countries these products provide the essential power to keep communications open. Modular design and advanced switch mode technology allow flexibility to match every application.

Some Key Benefits

  • Reliability
  • Wide input voltage range: 85VAC...300VAC (Nominal 230VAC)
  • Compact size, incredible power density
  • CE Marked, all the products comply with different international standars
  • Unlimited paralleling option allow outputs from a few amperes to a few thousand amperes
  • Ease of installation and system expansion thanks to modular concept of products 


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