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Aircom has developed the first fully integrated, PC based family of cellular engineering tools 'The Aircom Enterprise Solution'. Enterprise avoids the severe limitations imposed by the selection of incompatible tools, from different vendors, using different data sources.

Each component member of Enterprise may be standalone, or integrated with other members of the family. A common intuitive windows graphical user interface has been adopted, with a shared relational database management system (rdbms) for the storage of all network data, providing a powerful means for information dispersal throughout the organisation.
In addition to many network operators a variety of aircom enterprise tools have been adopted for world-wide use by companies including Ericsson, Nokia and Lucent technologies.

Available modules are:

aircom_dot.gif Asset V4.0 for RF planning
aircom_dot.gif Connect V4.0 for transmission planning
aircom_dot.gif Neptune V4.0 for drive tests
aircom_dot.gif Optima V4.0 for planning optimisation
aircom_dot.gif Architect V4.0 for site design
aircom_dot.gif Target V4.0 for project management
aircom_dot.gif 3g - UMTS for UMTS planning







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