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Headquartered in Zurich, Schmid Telecom is leading the way in HDSL (High-bitrate Digital Subscriber Loop) and G.SHDSL with its new generation of more advanced, robust systems. By making it possible to offer high-speed services including Internet access and ISDN Primary Rate Access over your existing copper network, Watson DSL systems enable you to generate new sources of high profit revenue at a very low cost. Schmid also offers Monitoring&Control, Test&Measurement, Voice Switching and Network Management Systems..

For customers worldwide, Schmid Telecommunication develops and customizes innovative, intelligently engineered solutions to complex communications challenges.

Since 1967, Schmid Telecommunication has designed, manufactured and installed high quality products for industries driven by sophisticated technologies. From high-speed digital communication transmission to Network Management, Schmid Telecom has earned an international reputation for superior performance, reliability and value.

Schmid serves customers globally through a network of offices, partner companies and distributors. Standing as testimony to the company's international presence, Schmid's client roster includes:

Schmid Telecom has held the ISO9001 Quality Certificate since 1994 and is a member of the ITU and ETSI standard groups.


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