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optical_spot.jpg Optical Access Overview
  • Founded in 1988
  • World class leader in optical network components and systems
  • Leadership in fiber optic transmission into a well focused range of solutions:
    - Optical Transmission Systems
    - Integrating Switching and Routing

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Optical Access Solution

  • Comprehensive optical wireless solutions
  • Allows provider to bypass the incumbent network
  • Providing alternative to the existing infrastructure
  • Increasing the access bandwidth capacity
  • Mesh architecture
  • Easy and fast deployment permissions. Free from interference.
  • Significantly lower cost solution
  • Proven Technology (over 3,000 links)

The TereScope line of Free Space Optics (FSO) products delivers last mile connectivity with data transmission speeds from 1.5Mps (E1/T1) to multi-gigabit, resistant to weather conditions, including heavy rain and dense fog, without the need of expensive radio frequency licences or wired local loop infrastructures.


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