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Design of transmission subnetworks in any telecommunication network. Following microwave propagation path survey, transmission equipment is selected in accordance with the technical specs and their locations are precisely specified.


Fading, reflection, path loss, rain attenuation and many other parameters are taken into consideration to determine whether or not a space and/or frequency diversity is necessary, types and diameters of antennas to be used and finally ensure that an acceptable input signal power is obtained.


Determining the exact power requirements of a telecommunication site and the most convenient power source for this plant, followed by a safe and precise sizing of the power equipment these can be DC power supplies, UPS, solar energy systems or of any other type.


Design and production of functional and reliable installation materials to replace standart and low quality materials. Antenna mounts are custom designed, manufactured and installed to withstand the wind and ice loadings in accordance with the safety and quality requirements.

Key Benefits of Our Engineering Services

  • Highest quality service rendered by skilled engineers with a vast amount of experience.
  • Many years of experience on microwave systems that are operating at different frequencies between 2GHz and 38GHz
  • Our years of experience on DC power supplies, converters, batteries, UPS systems, solar energy systems and all the other equipment used to provide the uninterrupted power required by telecom world
  • Impressive designs, made by the help of most advanced software
  • Production of installation materials those are in compliance with most stringent industrial standards


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